Shower Remodel for Lee M. in Renton, WA

by Sound Construction Services

February 2020

We recently rebuilt a shower in this  Renton, WA home. A leak from the master shower was causing drywall damage in the kitchen ceiling. When we demoed out the shower, we found that the deco band was shimmed out using cardboard and the original pan had been formed using a piece of rigid foam insulation, which was breaking down. The liner was behind the tile, not behind the backer board, and none of the seams had been floated or taped. All of these things combined to create a very wet environment behind the scenes. We rebuilt the shower, properly, and installed a new niche. Beautiful quartz was used as a curb cap, and on the pony wall. The existing trim kit was re-installed, and newly installed frameless glass completes the look. It blends nicely with the existing tile, and won’t leak anymore. We also fixed the hole in the kitchen ceiling caused by the leaking shower. Please let us know how we can help you with your remodeling needs!